Friday, September 28, 2007

An international cellphone service provider

This is a classic example of disruptive service innovation to cut down International calling by placing the calls through IP. The system right now has a lot of glitches but with the doors open now, i am sure there would be more such services which cut down on the costs of talking across the globe.

An extract of the original article from NYT:

"On this phone, rates can fluctuate. But at its launch a 20-minute call from the Bahamas costs costs $7.40 (that’s 87 percent off T-Mobile’s rate). The Cubic price from Russia is $1.24 a minute (75 percent lower than AT&T).

Calls from the U.S. to Greece cost $1.77 a minute (37 percent off), to Iraq, $2.02 (28 percent off) and to Australia, $1.77 cents (51 percent off).

It works like a prepaid phone, where you put some money in your account and use it up as you talk. There’s no traditional monthly fee, although you’ll be charged 1 Euro a month (about $1.42) if you don’t use it. "

you can read the full NYT article here

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