Friday, September 02, 2005

Various solutions from around

I agree that this space has been neglected for quite some time now, and our friend Arpit here was constantly complaining about the negligence... we have certain issues where in members can take a look and give in suggestions:

1) get more stuff from the members...
2) get more members to the community...
3) popularize the community...

getting done with the administrative issues, here are some interesting links:

Our friend Lev, has been looking into stuff like collective intelligence and Knowledge management, heres a link to an article describing AIM project and their outcomes to thier testing of prototypes. They beleive
“Collecting ideas can and should involve everyone in a company from product designers and managers to people on the production line, together with feedback from customers and suppliers, the combined knowledge can greatly increase innovation, and optimise design and production processes by finding solutions to problems faster and more efficiently.”

Talking about web for the disabled is Wayne Dick of the W3C and their new product
He says:
“Early on, I understood that computer science can make a difference in people’s lives, that it was going to remove a lot of the barriers,” Dick continued. “Thanks to all of these advances and activism, I believe that in my lifetime, we’re going to remove all barriers for people with disabilities who want to use the Internet.”

Well here's an interview with a man, Vint Cerf, who has visions for internet like Sir Arthur:
“My mind wandered into the possibility of expanding the internet out into the solar system,” Cerf boldly went where no other man has gone.
and the link to his InterPlanet Project.